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A Fruits Basket Roleplaying Community!
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A Basket of Fruit Mods [userpic]

After the storm, Kyo has finally been accepted by someone he cares for. After the storm there is always a silent peace. But the question is, will the peaceful silence last long? As the raindrops reflect the gleaming sun, will another storm be brewing above the horizon?

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Born under the sign of the ram (or sheep)
Hiro Sohma is the youngest of the cursed Sohmas. He is most commonly associated with Kisa Sohma as a companion. He also appears to be close to his older cousin, Isuzu (Rin.) His mother became pregnant and had a baby girl named Hinata, so Hiro is now an older brother. Hiro seems to be the only Sohma who is fully loved and accepted by his parents.
Hiro is probably the most confrontational and aggressive of all the cursed Sohmas on the outside. He is also somewhat like Kyo Sohma. Though seemingly very brash and stubborn for his age, on the inside, Hiro is still just a young boy learning how to cope with complicated issues along with bearing the weight of the Sohma family curse.

Kureno [userpic]

Akito Sohma keeps Kureno close and isolated from others, even from the other cursed members of the Sohma clan, dominating nearly every aspect of his life. Kureno is rarely permitted to leave the house. Of the Sohma clan, Kureno knows the least about the outside world.Akito begged him to stay by her side, and Kureno, seeing Akito as a crying young girl, agreed. Thus he stays with her despite her possessiveness and fear of losing him.

So Kureno is bound to stay within the walls of the main house, close to Akito.

Kureno is, however, the only Sohma to be freed from the curse, probably the luckiest of the family.

(sorry if this seems lame. I'm not really used to this ^^; )

AIM : SandBrotherGaara, SexyWizardHowl, PonyPicasa

(I'm usually on in the evening around 6 or so Central time. I also pop up in the afternoons if i can ^^)

Tohru Honda [userpic]

Tohru, at age 17 is a kind and caring girl who after the death of her mother ends up moving in with the mysterious Sohma family. She discovers the curse the the members of the family carry, but of course promises to keep it a secret. She stays with Kyo, Yuki and Shigure as their house keeper, but every day she grows closer and closer to them like a new family. As she meets other members of the family with the zodiac curse she grows even fonder of the family and is determined to help them in whatever way possible, even if that means breaking the curse.

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Ritsu Sohma [userpic]

Born under the sign of the monkey.

Ritsu is an insecure character who dresses in women's clothing to conceal his feelings of inadequacy. He believes that because he sees himself as not particularly intelligent or physically powerful, he brings disgrace upon the Sohma family. He is constantly apologizing for his actions, even when he is not at fault. He can also be suicidal and has a certain spot on his side that makes him faint; Shigure Sohma takes advantage of it quite often, calling it 'the magic touch'.

Ritsu's insecurity likely derived from his childhood constantly witnessing his parents, particularly his mother, continually apologizing for Ritsu's faults. His mother, while hardworking and dedicated to running the Sohma family's onsen hotel, was easily stressed and had a tendency to overact. Witnessing his mother working and his parents apologizing constantly impacted his character greatly and Ritsu soon began exhibiting these traits as well. In hopes of overcoming his lack of self-esteem (perhaps thinking rather ambitiously in hoping to become more like his cousin, Ayame), he decides to meet with Tohru Honda, who helped the shy Kisa Sohma overcome her problems as well as other members of the Jyūnishi.

AIM: ZenoahZero88, BadBoyBasil13, AngstyHeimdall

When: Noon and 6pm - 3am

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Shigure is an author of romance novels and school books. He has a playful sense of humor, that of a dog, and sometimes his advice makes him seem like he's smarter than he looks (which is true). But other times, his immaturity states the otherwise. He comes off as very flirtatious and perverted with females.

Manga Spoiler
Shigure was once Akito's lover, but because he chose Kureno over him, he cheated on Akito with his mother.
End Manga Spoiler

Shigure can be reached at HopelessRin (just tell me who you want to RP with [Rin or Shigure] and I'll be happy to oblige ^-^).

I am on eastern time, 3pm-10pm on weekdays and on weekends I'm on in te morning until 3:30pm and then back on around 10pm-ish.

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Hatori Sohma [userpic]

Hatori Souma is the silent, but perceptive type. When you first meet him, he may come off as a jerk, but once he warms up to you, he is warm, gentle and caring.

He is the Doctor of the main Souma house, and personal doctor to Akito, the person who is the cause of Hatori's left eye being half blind. Although Akito blames it's Kana's (his ex-lover)fault for being in the way, but in the end, Hatori had to erase Kana's memory. That left him to deal with the memory of their happiness, alone.

In addition to Hatori's busy life as the Souma's primary doctor, he has two close friends whom he can always rely on. Although, they are two very different personalities from his, some people wouldn't think that they were friends to begin with. Ayame, Shigure and him grew up close together. All three of them carrying the zodiac curse, is probably the main reason why they are so close.

Hatori can be reached on Sorta Like 7 11.

Times as before.

(*TAKEOVER* *giggle*)

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Sohma Yuki. Born seventeen years ago, under the sign of Virgo. He is the Sohma who bears the curse of the Rat.

Yuki had a tough childhood - tormented by Akito, hated by Hatsuharu and Kyo, abandoned by his own brother - and his personality now reflects that. He tends to be withdrawn, and uneasy around people. Though polite and, indeed, "princely," he doesn't know how to behave casually sometimes. He can, however, be brutally sarcastic - or honest - with people he doesn't like (mainly Ayame and Kyo).

In other words, all that Yuki is, he has become almost by force.

I'll update this later, but I'm kind of tired and unimaginative. xD; Please forgive me!

Yuki can be reached~:

AIM: Sorta Like 7 11

When: I'm in EST. I'm also in college, so my schedule can get wacky. I'm generally available anytime I'm online - which tends to be all day weekends; Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after 10pm; and Thursdays after 12am. xD; I know, it's bizarre. Humor me.

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Akito [userpic]

((For manga Akito, so beware of the so-called "manga spoilers for Akito"))

Leader of the Sohma clan.
Akito is shrouded in mystery, and though frail with poor health, is feared and respected by many members of the Sohma clan.
Akito has scarred many members of the Sohma family, both physically and psychologically. Since Akito is the head, no one dares oppose her. Although not cursed by any of the vengeful spirits of the Chinese Zodiac, it was revealed that she is the Jade Emperor (or God) from the stories about the origins of the Chinese Zodiac.
Akito feels that all male members of the Jyūnishi have to devote themselves to the god of the Zodiac, which is why she hurts only the females (with the exception of Hatori; it is said that he got in the way), claiming that they are stealing the men away.

AIM: ZenoahZero88, BadBoyBasil13, AngstyHeimdall

When: Mornings around noon. Evenings 6pm till 3am

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Kisa is 13 years old and is the youngest Souma, under Hiro Souma. She is very shy and introverted. In the past, she was always being teased at school because of the unique features, like many of the cursed Soumas.

Because of the features of her yellow-orange hair and golden eyes, her classmates would tease her and then began to ignore her. She locked away her words, refusing to speak, until Tohru Honda opened up the doors and let her out of her tragedy.

Ever since then, Kisa has been slowly recovering and her classmates begin to accept her. And began to stick onto Tohru like glue and Hiro as well.

You can reach Kisa on AIM at x0eriin0x.
EST, most evenings/weekends

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