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Welcome to Fantasy Furuba!
A place where Fruits Basket fantasies come true

This community is for all Fruits Basket lovers who wish to roleplay as their favorite character from the anime/manga Fruits Basket. The roleplay will take place right after the chapter where Tohru accepts Kyo's true form and she goes to see Akito the next day. In the anime it is Chapter 26. In the manga it is Chapter 33.


+All roleplaying is free-form and each character is responsible for their own storylines.
+Roleplaying should take place on AOL Instant Messenger(AIM) (You do not have to create a new AIM screenname, but you can if you want to).
+Characters Do Not have to roleplay in a big group, as people may live in different time zones and have different schedules, but interacting with at least everyone once in awhile is required. That way all The Soumas stay connected.
+All Characters should have their own journals. This means that you should create a livejournal for your own character! The journal serves as the character's diary, where the character will summarize what happened in their day/week. The journal should be updated at least twice a week.
*In the profile section of the character's journal,please provide a brief history of the character in the "About Me" section. Please also write it in first person view.
*Once your application is accepted, you must make an introductory post in the Community.
The introductory should contain the age of your character and their brief history. Also, your AIM screenname that you will be using to roleplay with, should be in the intro as well.

*You should also add all the characters to your friends list. The table below, provides links to character's journals, who are already here.
*Journals that are not updated in two weeks will be Deleted from the community.

*Only join with a roleplaying account to save on flist annoyances. Thank you!

Applying for a Character

+You Must apply for a character in Fruits Basket in order to participate in the roleplay. Applications should be sent to celluloidkitten AT verizon DOT net or beautiful_midnight_@hotmail.com . All areas of the application must be complete, or you will be denied and asked to fix the problem.
+Two Characters per Person, Max, please!

-Application Form
Name: Name of the Character you are applying for
Age: Your real age
Contact info: Your E-mail address and AIM screenname.
Chapter/Volume: the chapter/volume you are up to in the Fruits Basket manga/anime.
History: A brief summary of your character's history.
Sample: I would like a sample of your roleplaying, using the character you are applying for. I accept storybook roleplaying and *asterisk* roleplaying.
Availablity: Please give us a "rough" schedule of when you will be online. Be sure to include the timezone that you are in.

Tohru Honda Yuki Souma
Arisa Uotani Kyo Souma
Saki Hanajima Shigure Souma
Akito Souma Hatori Souma
Kisa Souma Ayame Souma *On Hiatus*
Isuzu (Rin) Souma Hiro Souma
Kagura Souma Hatsuharu Souma
Ren Souma Momiji Souma
Momo Souma Kazuma Sohma
Satsuki Souma Kureno Souma
Mayuko Shiraki Kakeru Manabe
Mine Kuramae Naohito Sakuragi
Machi Kurage Ritsu Souma
Kimi Todou
Characters that are striked are on hold.
Characters in bold are still active, but waiting for replacement.
If interested in a bolded character, contact one of the mods.
Characters with links to them are already taken.

Here is also a helpful Website for more info on the characters.

*Maintainers: Rin Souma , Ayame Sohma